Sunday, January 28, 2007

How I Can Improve Myself as a Student

These are some of the things I need to do to improve myself in school. I need to do all my work in my classes and my homework. I need to do all my make-up work that I am supposed to do so I can get good grades. Then I will get A's and B's in my classes. My mom will be happy with me, and she will give me rewards. I can start to read 30 minutes everyday on my extra time so I can improve my reading skills. Then when I take reading tests, my score will go up and that will be very good for me. I will try to think about the work I get and not just rush through so I can be done. If I think about it and take my time,I will get a good grade on that assignment. The habit I will start doing is raise my hand before I speak and don't call out when the teacher is teaching the class. The teacher will be happy with me. The habit I will stop is not to get any referrals and don't get in trouble and no EA, ASP, ISS, OSS, and Saturday School. These are some things that will help me improve in school and my classes. Everyone will be happy with this, and I won't get EA anymore, and I won't see Mrs. Warden and Mr. Hill.
By D. J., a middle school student

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