Monday, January 29, 2007

How to be Successful

Do you want to be successful in school? In order for that to happen you must work on a plan of success. You must tell yourself what you want out of life. Do you want to be a bum or a successful businessman? You decide whether you want to better yourself and have a family.

First of all to be successful, you must stay out of harm’s way. No drugs or alcohol. If you decide to do it, then you are ruining your life and your plan for success. Secondly, you must stay out of trouble. You should not get into trouble at home or at school if you want your plan of success to work. Thirdly, you should go to school and have a job. You can party and hang out with friends but to a certain point. School comes before anything. People can take everything from you, but they can’t take your education. Lastly, those are a few words I think you should take to heart. I know I didn’t, so I am trying to get kids not to follow my footsteps.

By M.V., a high school student

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