Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Goal

Everyone has a goal. My personal goal is to win a world championship in barrel racing. Winning would take a lot of determination. I will have to keep myself disciplined. A positive attitude will help my horse as well as it will me.

I will need extreme determination. I know that I can’t quit. If this is something I want to win I will have to stick with it. If I don’t win every time I run, I cannot let that stop me. I owe it to my horse to put the bad runs behind me and look forward to the next one.

It will take discipline. I can’t just decide one day I don’t want to practice. When I get home I need to go straight to my horse field. I don’t have time to fool around. If I am expecting my horse to do well, I need to keep him in shape and give him a fighting chance.

Positive attitudes take away stress. I must always have a positive attitude with my horse. He doesn’t need to be stressed out because I’m in a bad mood. He will want to do his job better if he gets told he is doing well. My horse doesn’t need the stress if I am expecting great things from him.

My goal of being a world champion will take work. I will always have to be determined. I must stay disciplined. I need to keep a positive attitude. These are the traits I need for my horse and me to have a chance at winning the big time.

A middle school student

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