Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to Improve the School

Being able to vote for student council should be a right for people to decide who should take care of the school. Some things the student council could do to make the school better are to help organize school dances and help the cafeteria staff make better lunches. We could make the school campus better by planting new flowers around the school. We also should respect others. We need to respect teachers and administrators. Then they will feel better about the school and the people in it. The school library needs better books that students will want to read. Also we would receive many compliments from the staff when their students read more library books and pass more tests. Also all of us could use healthier lunches like salads, fruit, pasta, and other entrées. Our school would be a better place if we had better choices for the school lunches. If we did all these things, we would have a better environment and help students stay in school.
By D. B. a middle school student

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