Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Things I Learned in In School Suspension

The things I learned in Enhanced Assist (in school suspension) are math, vocabulary, reading, and writing lessons. Mr. Hill taught me how to work math problems out in a different way than what I use to do. I have many problems in math, but since Mr. Hill showed me a different way, I do my math work that way. Mr. Hill also taught me about vocabulary and proper words. Now I know the meaning of new words, and I know what to do when I need to put in the right meaning. For example, if the word is "national," and the choices are "sub," "inter," and "under." The answer is "international." We read about a horse named Hans who was really smart. If Hans owner said what is 2 plus 2, the horse would pick up his leg four times. I learned lessons from the videos. We saw one about not drinking and driving and one about not letting peer pressure push you into doing something wrong. Don't make bad decisions.
By K. C., a middle school student

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