Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Best Friend

Best friends are good for when you need them. They are always by your side, unless they are not really your friend. Friends don’t get you into trouble. Actually friends are supposed to help you. If they get you into trouble, then they aren’t a good friend. Good friends protect you. They should always be there for you always no matter what. If you cannot trust your friend, then that is not good. Well, for me, of course, I trust my best friends. I know they will never lie to me. That is basically why I can trust them at all times. My best friends have respect for me. That is why they are my best friends, all because of respect. Everybody deserves respect. Even I treat my friends with respect. That is how I think of my best friends. They are all important to me in one way. That is how it should be with best friends.
By D. S., a middle school student

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