Monday, January 22, 2007

Who I Respect the Most

My mother, my mother, I care for her so much. Well, ever since I was little, I would say she cares for me more. Probably, I would say she is the most caring and considerate person. She is kind plus she has a lot of respect. Here are all my reasons why I think my mom has my most respect. My mom has a lot of responsibility to take care of everyday. The reason why I think she is responsible is because every morning she has to wake me up at 5:30 to go to school. I don't ever want to get up so she has to keep bugging me to get up. Then whenever I get in trouble, she takes care of the problem. The other character trait I think my mom has is kindness. She is not ever rude to me or anybody else. My mom always says please and thank you. The reason is she doesn't lie. Now you have to admit that is respectful. The last character trait that I would have chosen for my mom would be caring. She definitely cares for me and my brother and sister the most. The other thing is if she did not care, I would not be eating everyday. That is why she cares so much. Those were all of the character traits I would choose for my mom. She is a respectful person. That's why I chose to write about my wonderful mother.
By D.S., a middle school student

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