Monday, January 29, 2007

How I Handle Stress

Everyone becomes stressed and angry some time. Some ways to prevent this is to walk away and forget about it, ignore the person or situation, and when you are angry, punch a pillow or something that won’t hurt you. First, let’s talk about walking away and forgetting about it. When in a problem, walk away. That will stop a fight or a problem. Forgetting about it will also stop you from getting in to trouble. Another way to stop stress is to ignore the person or situation. If you ignore the person, it will also stop anger. Don’t always ignore things because sometimes it is an adult. The last way is when angry punch something that won’t hurt you. If you do that, it will relax your anger, trust me. Don’t try to start a fight because you just might get in more trouble. You might even get arrested. Now you know why and how to handle your anger or stress to keep from getting arrested or getting in deep trouble. It is okay to be stressed out or angry.
By J. C., a middle school student

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