Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Writing Prompt
All of us face challenges. Describe a challenge that you face. What lesson are you learning?

Well, the challenge that I face is staying out of trouble. So here are some ways for staying out of trouble: pay attention, be silent, and be good.

Well, when you want to pay attention, you should block out distractions and focus on the teacher. You should also be dutiful while you do the work.

When someone is about to make you talk, just ignore that person. If they keep on bothering you, just tell the teacher.

Being good is a hard thing because when you are good, you feel like you are plain and boring. But you are not in your teachers’ and parents’ eyes.

In conclusion, I would like to represent my ways to stay out of trouble: paying attention, being silent, and being good. Those are the ways for staying out of trouble.
By N. L. a middle school student

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