Monday, January 29, 2007

How I Handle Stress

These are some things about me when I get stressed that make me mad.
When I get stress, I just walk away from people and don’t talk to them. I ignore people so I can try to think of what to do in that moment. I get all angry inside. When I’m home when I get stress, I get to go in my room, lock the door, and just go to sleep.
Getting stress is not fun but some things I do is don’t talk to people. When they try to talk to me, I will not reply and sometimes I say leave me along right now. I just walk around and think about things and take deep breaths that help me sometimes and sometimes it does not help me.
I get very angry and mad when I’m stressed. I don’t like it when I’m stressed. I start to yell at people when they talk to me and look at me, and most of the times I yell for no reason. When I yell at people, they get mad at me, and I don’t mean to yell.
I get very frustrated, and I can’t think right. When people mess with me, I want to fight them and that is how I lose my friends because they think I’m going to fight them all the time. Then I am very mad at myself.
Those are things that happen when I get stressed, but I can fix them by not making mistakes.
By D. J., a middle school student

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