Thursday, January 18, 2007

How to Improve School

I would like to change several things about my school. If I could change or improve something, it would be the time we have to get up to take the bus to school. The reason why I would want to change the time is so that other students and I don’t have to get up so early and catch the bus to school. I also think that we shouldn’t have to get up so early because we get really tired by the middle of the day, and we don’t want to do our school work. I also think that we should get more time between classes. I think that we should get more time because sometimes students don’t make it on time to their next class, and then they get in trouble. I think that teachers should give us some space and let us socialize with our friends. I think that the Dean should make an arrangement and let us have a longer lunch period. We should be able to eat during a longer lunch period because some students do not finish their lunch. We should also be able to communicate with our friends at lunch.
By T. R. a middle school student

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