Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Goals

The goals I would like to really achieve are playing baseball and doing better in school so I can graduate. Playing baseball is my life and everything I want. So by playing baseball I will have accomplished my goal which means I have to practice my swings a hundred times a day and watch baseball games on television so I can learn the plays and batting stance. I want to be like my hero, Manny Ramierez. I would like to be on the same team, the Boston Red Sox and have the same number, 24.
Doing better in school is what I really want to do because in order to play baseball, I have to graduate. So right now I am only 12, but I have to study very hard to accomplish my goal. The college I want to go to is Gainesville College where the Florida Gators play or Boston College where the Eagles play. This is my dream.
By K. C., a middle school student

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