Thursday, April 12, 2007

When I grow up I always wanted to be an actress or a singer.

When I grow up I always wanted to be an actress or a singer. I think that’s my dream because I grow up in a family that is full of singers and actors. My brother is a singer, my sister loves to sing, dance and act. She is trying to become a dancer. My aunt is a singer, and I have a cousin that acts. So I think that’s why I love singing and acting so much.

Right when I finish school I want to go to college and, like I said, I want to become a singer/actress. That’s how I want the rest of my life to be like after I finish high school.

I’ve always thought that singing and acting has something beautiful about it. I also understand that it is really hard work. I understand that you give it all in your career because my brother always explains that to me. But I love it, and I think it’s something I love to do, and I know that I am good at it.

I like this career also because ever since I’ve been born, I’ve seen my mom have so many problems, and she even left our country to help my brothers and me. And for once I want to make her proud. Because right now I really don’t think I am. She is very disappointed in me, and that really makes me cry. So I’m going to finish school with good behavior and good grades just for her.

With this career I could have a job when I grow up because if you work in a place and you don’t like being there, you shouldn’t even be working there at all. So with this job I’m going to love every second of it because it is what I want to do.

By A. A., a middle school student

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