Monday, April 9, 2007

Let’s go M. we’re going to Immokalee so get your bags ready for the full week and weekend.

Let’s go M. we’re going to Immokalee so get your bags ready for the full week and weekend. Ok, I spent a cool and fun week with my cousins P. and H. When I got to Immokalee, I went to my room and plugged in my charger, and I plugged my phone and got my towel and my clothes ready took a quick shower and left to have some fun. First, I went to go see spooky a.k.a my cousin and we waited for him to take a quick shower, and when he did, we went cruising in Immokalee. First, we went to eat at Taco Bell, and then we went to the park. When we got to the park, I sat down on the bench and talked to my cousin. Then we called up some of our friends and just hung out at the park. Later that day we went to the movies to see the scariest movie Dead Silence. Every one was hiding their face in their hands and yelling and jumping out of their seats. I was so scared; I covered my ears and closed my eyes. Well, I was about to keep on covering my ears and closing my eyes, but it was so hard because I wanted to keep watching. The movie was so interesting.

Then when the movie was over, we went to the dance and partied. It was fun. We were all jumping up and down, and then it was time to go home. I was sad, but then my cousin reminded me about spring break. I was happy all over again, then I went to my room with my cousin, and we fell asleep.

When I woke up on Saturday, I was all happy. My aunt took us to the beach in Naples. We had a cook out and had the best time. It was funny when my aunt started singing, and she didn’t even know the words to the song. I laughed so hard and she started making fun of me, but that’s how we mess around with each other. On Sunday we went to the mall and bought a lot of things. We bought clothes and shoes and mp3 players, I-pods, I-pod pillow radio for me and the movie Scar Face. It was fun when we walked out we had a lot of bags my whole two arms were covered in bags I was exhausted.

By I. T., a middle school student

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