Monday, April 9, 2007

As a kid you have to have fun. And what better times to do that than spring break?

As a kid you have to have fun. And what better times to do that than spring break? The possibilities are way too many to count on what activities we kids could do now for a day on spring break. The things my friends and I did were very adventurous. I went to Miami with my best friend, and then we stayed for four days at my cousins’ house. We went to the pool, skateboarded, played tennis, went to the movies, and many more things. This was the funniest spring break that I could remember!
My best friend is originally from Miami. So when I invited her she was totally up for it. When we got there, she had never met my cousins before so they were strangers to her, but as the days went by, she got closer and more comfortable with them. We stayed at my cousins’ house and when we got there, he was skateboarding. And he had 4 skateboards because he is never satisfied with having one of anything except for an older sister. He offered us to skateboard, my friend, my cousin, and me and we said okay, as you can imagine. No. he said come on and we said we can’t do it, we don’t know, we might fall. And then he said, “Girls, they are always complaining”. After he finished that sentence my cousin, my friend, and I hopped on that skateboard faster than he could blink. We would not tolerate him making up things about girls. So, anyways as you could very well imagine, I fell. No one else did but I did. And right on my face. When I got up, I went inside, and I never got back on that skateboard for the rest of the time I was there.
That same day, we four went to the pool. My friend, my cousin, and I were all staring at the cute shirtless guys at the pool. We all said it was fun grossing out our cousin. We all knew he was pretty sick of doing things we wanted and being around so many girls all the time, so we told him to go bring one of his friends over from they’re building. He turned out to be a really, really cute skater. And us girls started again with the staring and things so my boy cousin got sick of it and just took his friend away and just left. Man we girls were really disappointed.
My friend and I left my cousins’ house and went to her older sister’s house for the rest of spring break. My friend’s sister lives where my friend’s old house is. All of her friends were there when she used to live here. We hung out with them, but they were much different from my cousins so we had a way much better time with them because they were more adventurous and more exciting. And also there was more people and more things to do. When we were there, we went to the movies with them, and we played basketball and soccer and went on the computer and just messed around a bit. It was actually better than staying at my cousins’ house. And the best part about that part of the trip was, there was no curfew. But of course we couldn’t come home at 2:00 in the morning. But we could stay out very late!
So to sum it all up, I had a pretty fun time on my spring break. No parents to boss you around and all you had to do was hang out with your friends and your cousins and anyone else that was willing to have a fun time. Yea, this spring break was the best. But next year, when we are in high school, it’ll be so much better!

By I. S., a middle school student

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