Wednesday, April 11, 2007

This is my new old school fairy tale, a short story not Cinderella.

Ok, since my story yesterday wasn’t the best, this is my new old school fairy tale. It is the same prospect as Cinderella, except no-one likes that so this is my version.

People say they know more about space than Earth, and they’re right. In the little village in the vast jungle there is the castle. They are so far away (or so they say) that time has not affected them. No-one dare come or go for fear of the boogie-man. Now of course the boogie-man (we think) isn’t real. But the real boogie-man is much worse.

Now this so called boogie-man lives in a cave in the valley that separates the village from the modern world. But the truth behind the village is a frightening one. These people have not only been around for hundreds of years they have been alive! Back in the day there was a mad scientist, now I know what your are thinking, a Frankenstein making freak. No, the real mad scientist was a pure genius. He created a way to stay alive longer than ever before. He realized that in order to keep the body going you had to have fresh parts. But that’s where it goes wrong.


Ok… Intermission Over

Once the doctor realized he could live forever. So he tried it on a few patients. The patients became disoriented and henceforth creating the village. After he would administer the poison to them, he would let them go. But once he started getting smarter, he realized that they weren’t living longer, but the aging process was slowed. As a result, so was the learning process.

Full grown adults had no more intelligence than a new born. The only thing they knew of was their village and the bogie-man. It would take them years to understand what was going on and to comprehend anything other than the village. Seven years since his first patient and the doctor was still wondering what went wrong. He tried making them smarter, but they became delirious. He thought it would work perfectly until a plane flew over. It created an uproar, riots like animals, screaming, fighting, all of their commotion sparked a brain. She was one of the first patients; the commotion literally knocked the sense into her when she fell into the fire. She couldn’t understand what was going on. She tried talking to others but couldn’t understand them. Panicking, she raced through the woods, not knowing where she is going or where she is. She was almost through when she tripped on a branch and fell; she rolled all the way down the valley straight to the cave.

She awoke to a cold hard table beneath her. As she looked around, she realized it was a lab. The front of the cave was a screen with eyes looking out to frighten people. The doctor was on the other side of her taking blood samples and trying to figure out what happened. As he studied her, she looked around. It was like the harsh smell of the road-kill everywhere except hundreds of times worse.

She noticed limbs and parts of bodies in jars and on shelves. Hanging from the ceiling was a dead cat, still dripping blood like it was just killed. Its white fur made with thick blood dripping like it was just killed. Its white fur matted with thick blood dripping off its black nose. A loud noise startled her, she whipped around to see the doctor with a table saw. Removing the already cut up body, he positioned it on the side of her. Once he started it, she panicked and tried to move, but the straps kept her still. It was inches away! She made one final attempt and pulled and jerked, causing the saw to move cutting the strap. She pulled off the other one and ran into the deeper, darker cave.

She ran until the lights she could no longer see. Completely immersed in darkness, she still ran. Stopping to take a break, the smell of flesh was overwhelming. She had to lie down for fear of falling. Family, pets, traffic, she remembered more now. She had to see them again. She slowly started toward the back of the cave, slowly feeling the ground as she went. Then feeling the floor give away, she slipped into a hole. Hitting padding saved her from dieing. Whistling came into hearing and a light with it. She froze, for the first time realizing she was on dead, decaying bodies. Desperately trying to climb out but the walls were too steep. She looked up and saw the doctor with a light in one hand, a jar in the other. Showing her the jar he dropped it, breaking it on a broken skull. A swarm of some kind of flys swept over the bodies. She was engulfed instantly, trying to free herself, she looked over to see the flies eating a half decayed body, cleaning the flesh right off. The pain was too much; she closed her eyes to never open them again.

(Not the best story, really had nothing to do with Cinderella, but still pretty cool)

By B. M., a high school student

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