Thursday, April 19, 2007

Violence in America these days is overwhelming to society.

Violence in America these days is overwhelming to society. We can’t turn on the news without hearing of a killing. Yesterday a shooting on a college campus, then last year an Amish mass murder, and do you remember September 11th? One of the worst times that came crawling up on us. Now it is really hard to express via paper, but this is a topic that needs to be brought up. Firearms, drugs, security issues, and the laziness of people is all a major part of this and are inexcusable in a county like ours.

One of the topics that have come to be the worst yet is firearms. We need to be able to keep them from people who don’t need them. Anyone with money can get there hands on one now. Wal-mart sells them! I say we take out all of the firearms Wal-Mart and everywhere else including inspecting homes and put guns in a special place and only can someone get in if you are in the department of business where they are needed. I say we have photo identification cards and a code that the firearms department gives you, to be able to purchase a firearm. Of course this would mean boosting technology, but we can do that easily. We need to crack down on firearms and who has them.

Secondly, drugs. Drugs are another big reason why we have a lot of violence. Half of the people that do or participate in massacres or shootings are on drugs. Drugs put thoughts in people’s minds then people go off and do it. I say we eliminate drugs completely unless they are needed for medical reasons. So, we take all of them and keep it in a warehouse so only the government can access them, and they can ship them to the doctors who need them. We need to stop selling over the counter medicines so that we can put a stop to Generation RX. People must have doctors to access medicines of any sort.

Another thing is we need to crack down on security. We need to make it stronger and harder to get by. In other words; it needs to be improved. It needs to be where officers are stronger and better suited for the business. How do they let random people in a college campus? Or some guy got into an Amish school? This puzzles me. Did it ever occur that normal people are capable of committing crimes? Security needs to be able to crack down on suspicious people without being asked.

All in all, people now need to be more alert and be on look out at all times. If you see a suspicious person, confront the situation and take charge. You could change someone’s life just by reporting someone or something. Violence in America needs to stop, and we can change that very easily. It can be done.

By A. S., a middle school student

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