Monday, April 9, 2007

I would like to be a lawyer.

When I finished school, college, and finish the my development to maturity, I would like to be a lawyer. The job would help me in life financially. I’ll support my family with the money I receive. I should be lawyer because I am extremely good at arguing .I’ll go to law school to put more knowledge in my head. Then when get out, I’ll be lawyer even before the Supreme Court.

The result of being lawyer is making a lot of money. Then I can buy a house of my own. I could pay my bills while supporting my family. I’ll will help others with the money I get. The money I get from being a lawyer will help me and everybody else.
Therefore I’m extremely an expert at arguing. In a case I will find the truth and tell the honest thing that I found and tell the jury and judge. When I argue a case, I will have the maximum evidence so I can convince the jury and judge to acquit my defendant. I believe that I am going to be a lawyer.

By H. C., a middle school student

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