Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Our reaction to the murders at Virginia Tech - What could we do to prevent violence?

What could we do to prevent violence? Eliminate all of the gangs, don’t sell guns to people with a criminal record, and have a curfew in the cities with loads of crime.

If we eliminate a lot of gangs some people would be in a better position to not get jumped, also not to worry about watching their back. Some people worry so much that they want to move away so they can get away from the violence.

Don’t sell guns to people that have a mile long criminal record. Minor offences, okay, but if you shot or stabbed someone, you can’t buy a gun until you are 26 years of age. It would cut criminals down a lot. Don’t let anyone buy a gun until you are 18 years of age.

In the big cities like New York or LA have a curfew starting at 10pm and after that you have to be with someone that is 18 or older of age. That would be better so younger kids won’t take a chance on doing anything stupid.

I think that these reasons would cut down on crime and criminal acts against justice.

By E. M., a middle school student

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