Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When I go fishing, I will take two or three people out on the boat.

When I go fishing, I will take two or three people out on the boat. We go out to the Cuban boat which is located outside of Gordon Pass. Many people go out there to catch fish because the fishing is so good by the Cuban boat people always catch fish. You never go home without fish. When we took my uncle out to go catch some kingfish, the were so many kingfish out there that every cast you threw, you caught a fish.

The day that my uncle and I went out started like this. At five o’clock in the morning my uncle started to make our food to take out on the boat, and then we were ready to go get the fish. I said to my uncle do not forget any thing because we can not come back for any thing. He said ok. So when we got to the dock, we got into the boat. We were all set, and I started it. We were ready, and we were going to catch some fish. When we got out to the Cuban boat, we started trolling for king fish two minutes later my uncle hocked onto a king. It was big, but we could not see it very well. So when my uncle got the king to the boat, I got the gaffe and gaffed the fish. It was a keeper. It was 46 inches long and the first fish of the day. Then we stopped the boat, and we tried to catch a jewfish. We used a piece from the kingfish. As soon as I dropped it into the water, a big 200 pound jewfish took the piece of the king, and the grouper was on. I was fighting the beast for over 45 minutes. It was so hard. Finally, I got him up. I let him loose. I had so much fun with my uncle.

By K. M., a middle school student

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