Monday, April 16, 2007

Volunteering is great work to some kids.

Volunteering is great work to some kids. I’m here to tell you why we all should volunteer in our public or even private schools. There are so many things volunteers can do to help out kids in their quest for knowledge. I have three reasons, and I’m going to tell you those reasons as you read this.

My first reason is for classes. Say we don’t understand something, and they would be there to help you out no matter what you didn’t understand. In science they could help you out with your experiments. In math they could be like a human calculator that helps you but doesn’t solve the problems for you.

Another reason is they could help with speech problems. They could help out with kids who don’t speak English and could be interpreters. The volunteers could also help out with kids who don’t talk but use sign language. They are great for speech skills.

My final reason is for kids who have self-esteem issues. They could have group sessions and yet speak with other kids who have the same problems. Volunteers could also have talks with other kids that don’t want other kids to know what their problem is. So they could help kids gain self-confidence.

Those are my reasons why I think we should have more volunteers at our school. For those of you guys who think you could do better, well then let’s see you try.

By J. S., a middle school student

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